Towards a Holistic Transformation of Organisations Into Learning Workplaces


LEARN aims to develop a strategic approach to the transformation of organisations into Learning Workplaces through the design and development of an an innovative certification which organisations that will get transformed into Learning Workplaces may receive.

In order to get certified, organisations will need to perform specific activities and use specific tools which will be included in the certification scheme that will be developed. These activities and tools will be aligned with the 10 Building Blocks for Promoting Adult Learning in the Workplace, as identified by the ET 2020 Working Group 2016-2018 of the European Commission on Adult Learning. Additionally, they will take into consideration both the needs of employers with respect to learning in the workplace (linked to the strategic goals of their organisation) and the needs of employees for different types of learning (including the development of their transversal skills).

This certification is an additional motive for organisations to get transformed into Learning Workplaces.