Design and development of activities that will lead to the transformation of organisations into Learning Workplaces as well as the necessary tools for their implementation

The main characteristics of this system include:

  • Flexibility and adaptability: The system will be flexible and adaptable to different types and sizes of organisations
  • For the organisation: Alignment with the organisation’s strategy and goals
  • For the employees: Provision of a lifelong learning pathway for learners (not only for the tasks involved in the current job)
  • Motives for the organisation (an ISO certification)
  • Motives at the employees (17024 ISO on transversal competences and a passport of achievement)

This approach will include a set of processes and activities (aligned with the ten building blogs) that will lead to this holistic transformation of organisations accompanied by all necessary tools. These processes and activities will be incorporated in a certification scheme that will lead to an ISO certificate to be provided to organisations complying with the standard.